Software systems

Control and monitoring systems:
  • systems: control and monitoring systems, control and measurement systems, telemetry systems - we use the controllers of: SIEMENS, OMRON, GE-FANUC  Automation, Mitsubishi, ALLEN-BRADLEY, SAIA, MODICON- Telemecanique; WAGO;
  • visualization systems (of industrial processes) - are prepared with the aid of the following software applications: FactorySuit (Industrial Application Server, In Touch, IndustrialSQL Server, ActiveFactory; InTrack; InBatch; InControl; DT Analyst; QI Analyst) from WONDERWARE Company, iFIX from INTELLUTION Company, WinCC from SIEMENS, asix from ASKOM.

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Company for the purpose of his functioning adopted to help all those in need in a sensible implementation of automation in every area of the economy.


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