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SKAMER-ACM is a reliable partner offering measurement,
            industrial automation and robotics solutions.

                    SKAMER-ACM is a proven partner offering measurement, industrial automation and robotics solutions. The
            company’s activities include: prefabrication of control cabinets and switchgear; sale of automation and control devi-
            ces and systems and industrial process visualisation systems; production and energy efficiency monitoring systems;
            measurements of gas humidity and oxygen contents; electrical, ICT and HVAC systems; energy recovery systems in
            industrial processes, renewable energy sources; comprehensive installation of fire detection systems in control cabi-
            nets; audits, expert studies and reports; adjustment of machines to the minimum OHS requirements, CE marking of
            machines. We perform the above in the following areas: design, programming, installation, start-up and maintenance.

            The company organises training courses, symposia, conferences and is an exhibitor on Measurement and Automation
            and Gas Technology trade fairs.

            The company cooperates with:

               technical universities, including: AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Warsaw University of Techno-
            logy, Rzeszów University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, State Higher Vocational School in Tarnów,

               design offices, equipment manufacturers, assembly and installation companies,

               industry press and websites, including: Pomiary Automatyka Kontrola, Pomiary Automatyka Robotyka, Automa-
            tyka, Napędy i Sterowanie,,, Control Engineering, Utrzymanie Ruchu, Ważenie
            Dozowanie Pakowanie, APA, Elektronika Praktyczna, Magazyn Ex, Industry Europe,

               various organisations, including: Polish Engineering Association (NOT), Association of Polish Electrical Engineers,
            ZETOM Product Quality Testing Centre, Polish Corporation for Sanitary, Heating, Gas and Air Conditioning Technolo-
            gy, Polish-Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Clean Energy Cluster of the Małopolska-Podkarpacie Region,
            Polish National Energy Conservation Agency, Committee on Automatic Control and Robotics of the Polish Academy
            of Sciences.

                    The company has implemented and applies a quality management system in accordance with  EN ISO
            9001:2015 regarding: “comprehensive engineering services in the area of measurement and automation: design,
            technical advisory services, programming, order preparation and delivery, prefabrication, assembly, start-up, repair
            and maintenance, sale of equipment, improvement of energy efficiency (audits and utility monitoring systems)”.

            SKAMER-ACM has been awarded the Certificate of Innovation by the MSN International Scientific Network and the
            Institute of Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In the competition organised by the Napędy i
            Sterowanie monthly, under the auspices of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the AGH University of
            Science and Technology, SKAMER-ACM received two awards: for its contribution in implementing new technologies
            it was awarded with the Innovations 2012 medal, and its Automation Catalogue was named the Product of the Year
            2012. Also, the Puls Biznesu daily recognised the rapid growth of SKAMER-ACM and granted it the Business Gazelle
            award multiple times.

            The company also won the title of the System Integrator in the second edition of the competition organised by
            the Control Engineering Polska magazine. The company was qualified to participate in the competition following its
            recognition in the System Integrator of the Year contest organised by the US counterpart of the magazine – Control
            Engineering. The main criteria included: number of successful implementations; complexity of successful implemen-
            tations; improvement in time efficiency, quality and profitability after the implementation; return on investment;
            feedback – both from customers and business partners; received awards and distinctions.

            In 1996, the company launched a representative office in Poland of a UK company MICHELL INSTRUMENTS Ltd., a
            global leader in gas humidity and oxygen measurement solutions.

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