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Fire detection systems in control cabinets of SKAMER-ACM

            In view of the growing demand for fire detection systems in the automation market, SKAMER-ACM has extended its
            offer by adding comprehensive delivery of fire detection systems in control cabinets. The offer includes technical con-
            sulting, design, installation and maintenance of systems using Protec devices in collaboration with D+H.

            Protec aspirating systems ensure very early fire detection – much faster than using a point type detector. This method
            of detection makes it possible to detect overheating integrated circuits or electrical cables in the cabinet, thus mini-
            mising any major damage and associated costs and production stoppages.

                                                             The detectors are designed to minimise false alarms cau-
                                                             sed by, among other things, electromagnetic interferen-
                                                             ce. Also, the Protec alarm system will not cause any short
                                                             circuit in the cabinet because no metal components are
                                                             introduced directly into it. Quick installation, very easy
                                                             maintenance in most cases does not require opening the
                                                             control cabinet or switchgear. Protec devices ensure has-
                                                             sle-free operation in a wide temperature range.

                                                             Fire detection with aspirating detectors

                                                             Aspirating fire detection systems are gaining popularity
                                                             and are more and more willingly taken into account by de-
                                                             signers in the construction of new buildings or adapting
                                                             existing ones to current fire regulations. This is owed to
                                                             the versatility of this solution, which makes it suitable for
                                                             almost any spaces – from elevator shafts, technical floors
                                                             or ceiling voids, to large industrial and sports complexes.
                                                             The advantage of aspirating systems is very early fire detec-
                                                             tion and easy installation, configuration and maintenance.
                                                             D+H offers a wide range of detectors and accessories for
                                                             designing complex Protec aspirating detection systems.
                                                             The most technologically advanced aspirating detector is
                                                             the Cirrus HYBRID model. The detector integrates two de-
                                                             tection technologies: optical (Scatter Chamber Detector)
                                                             and the Wilson cloud chamber (Cloud Chamber Detector).
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