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            Our services cover:
               measurement and automation, control and computer systems,
               electrical and ICT systems,
               industrial robotics.

                    In special cases, when the company acts as the general contractor under projects covering buildings and
            installations, it also provides services in other areas, i.e. mechanical, technological, construction, heating, sanitary
            installations and ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
            For design purposes, we use CAE software: Engineering Base by AUCOTEC, SEE Electrical Expert by IGE+XAO and AU-
            TOCAD, which ensures high quality and clarity of technical documentation.
            Technical consultancy:
            Due to our extensive experience in the measurement and automation industry, we offer technical consultancy on:
               application of optimal solutions,
               selection of replacements for equipment of virtually all manufacturers.

            Equipment order preparation and delivery:
            Based on our own and third-party designs, we provide the following services as part of comprehensive delivery of
            measurement and automation systems:
               purchase of devices, electrical equipment, industrial fittings etc.,
               prefabrication of designed elements, such as: control cabinets, desks, cabinets, venturi, etc.,
               complete delivery of equipment and materials.

            Programming and start-up of industrial control and computer systems:
               our control and monitoring, control and measurement, and telemetry systems are based on controllers of such
            companies as: SIEMENS, BECKHOFF, OMRON, EMERSON, Mitsubishi, ALLEN-BRADLEY, SAIA, Schneider Electric; WAGO,
            and other as required by its customers,
               the offered visualisation systems (of industrial processes) use the following software: Asix, AVEVA, WinCC and other
            as required by the customer.
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