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            AND SWITCHGEAR

              SKAMER-ACM can boast proprietary designs produced in series for a wide range of customers;

            Pump control systems
               Wide power range – from 1.5 kW to 350 kW,
               Cascade control of up to eight pumps using an inverter,
               Visualisation using HMI,
               Wide range of additional options:
              - GPRS transmission,
              - dry-running protection,
              - valve control.
            Measurement of gas humidity
            Complete systems for dew point measurement in compressed air applications:
               Wide measurement range from -100 to +60 Cdp,
               Complete sample collection and preparation system with filtration and flow control,
               Data logging, various communication options.

            Dew point measurement in natural gas:
               Measurement range from -100 to +20 Cdp,
               Sample preparation with filtration and flow control,
               Suitable for explosive areas.
            Serial production for OEM clients
            We deliver comprehensive start-up systems and control cabinets for machine manufacturers. Products tailored to
            individual requirements:
               Maritime certifications,
               Adaptation of products to European, US and Asian standards.

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