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The Asix Energy system fully demonstrates its capabilities when provided with up-to-date information on current pro-
            duction and backlog. By juxtaposing information from two different worlds – production and energy carriers – one
            may obtain a lot of interesting information – KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which help make strategic decisions

                           Historical trends in energy monitoring

            on the optimisation of the production process. The most important of these include:
               The amount of energy consumed by a machine when running and when idle;
               The amount of energy consumed by a machine to produce a product unit;
               The amount of energy lost when adjusting a machine or process line;
               The amount of energy used by a machine for a complete one production cycle or task;
               The amount of energy consumed during a given shift;
               The amount of energy consumed by the entire plant during a shutdown (with an indication of where energy is lost);
               The ratio of energy consumption during uptime relative to downtime.

            Asix Energy supports the implementation and maintenance of the energy management system in accordance with
            ISO 50001. It facilitates the achievement of the goals and tasks of energy efficiency policies, and enables the actual
            effects of these policies to be measured. These advantages make Asix Energy an indispensable tool for optimising
            production costs in any modern plant.

                           Asix Energy
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