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SKAMER-ACM is also a partner and integrator of KASSOW Robots 7-axis industrial cobots.
            The technology is based on a innovative design of the robot controller, user interface and arm mechanics. They were
            developed by a team led by Kristian Kassow (former co-owner and one of the founders of Universal Robots), who was
            also responsible for other ground-breaking designs in the field of robotics earlier in his career.

            Kassow Robots exclusively produces 7-axis cobots with powerful drives: with movement speeds of up to 225º/s in all
            joints, payloads of 5 and 10 kg, reach of 850 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm and 1800 mm. It is the technological answer to
            the challenges of everyday business of SMEs – constantly changing tasks and the need for power, speed and ease of
            use. The 7th axis allows for more possible applications, greater flexibility and a higher effective reach.

            Less than 2 years after its launch, Kassow Robots is selling collaborative robots in 14 European countries, Israel and
            11 US states.

            The parameters of Kassow Robots cobots are:
               KR810 (810 mm reach, 10 kg payload, 7DoF),
               KR1018 (1600 mm reach, 18 kg payload, 7DoF),
               KR1205 (1200 mm reach, 5 kg payload, 7DoF),
               KR1410 (1400 mm reach, 10 kg payload, 7DoF),
               KR1805 (1800 mm reach, 5 kg payload, 7DoF).

            Facts about all cobots from Kassow Robots:
               7 axes of flexibility,
               movement speed of up to 225º/s in all joints,
               all-aluminum construction,
               they fit into narrow spaces, even between machines, and do not obstruct workspace,
               they have a portable electrical cabinet that can be easily unplugged,
               programmable using drag and drop functions on a touch screen (tablet).

            More about the 7th axis
            7 axes of flexibility means:
               the robot’s manoeuvrability is as close as possible to a human arm (our arms move in such directions),
               the ability to move an object in a straight line from A to B, but also to keep the vector of the tool/object held thro-
            ughout the movement.
            The 7-axis cobot reaches the work area from around the corner just
            as a human arm would. It enables:
               placing the robot in narrow spaces between other devices;
               the robot to work from a position offset to the side of the work
               the robot to work next to a machine while leaving free access to
            it for a technician;
               this eliminates the problem of dismantling the cobot each time
            access is needed to the work area or for adjustment purposes.

            The additional movement of the cobot on the 3rd joint allows the
            tool path (end effector) to be maintained. This enables more possi-
            ble applications:
               application of paint, glue or other surface treatment over a larger
               reaching its hard-to-reach areas;
               safe handling of fragile objects;
               safe handling of objects whose orientation in space cannot be
            changed during movement.
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