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                    For many years, Skamer-ACM has specialised in providing solutions for measuring gas humidity. Since the
            mid-90s the company has been an official representative of Michell Instruments, a UK-based manufacturer of high-
            -end devices for measuring gas humidity and oxygen analysers. We provide technical consulting, sales, commissio-
            ning, warranty and post-warranty service of Michell Instruments equipment.

            We offer devices that use different measuring technologies so that we can select the best measuring technology to
            the requirements of a given application.

            Humidity meters

            Available measurement technologies.
               Capacitive polymer sensors for relative humidity and dew
            point measurements
               Capacitive ceramic sensors for dew point measurements in
            dry gas and liquid hydrocarbons
               Chilled mirror sensors for precise and stable humidity me-
            asurement in a wide measuring range
               Chilled mirror sensors with dark spot technology for hydro-
            carbon dew point measurements in natural gas
               Laser sensors (TDLAS) for accurate and fast humidity me-
            asurement in natural gas and biomethane                      GPR-1200 Portable Oxygen Analyser
               Quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) sensors for accurate and
            fast humidity measurement in a wide range of gases

            Product groups.
            ✓ Fixed relative humidity and temperature transmitters.
            ✓ Fixed dew point transmitters and meters. Designs for use in
            explosive atmospheres are also available.
            ✓ Portable relative humidity meters and portable dew point
            meters. Design for use in explosive atmospheres is also ava-
            ✓ Process humidity analysers suitable for use in explosive at-
            ✓ Precision laboratory chilled mirror humidity meters.                                                  13
            ✓ Humidity generators and calibration systems.

                                                                     Optidew precision humidity meter
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