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            The Polish economy is still characterised by excessive consumption of energy, raw materials and consumables in the
            creation of national income. Therefore, a very important issue is the reasonable use of energy in all industries and
            branches of the national economy.

            The matter of improving energy efficiency is a priority in Poland’s Energy Policy. Its main objectives are:
               striving to maintain zero-energy economic growth, i.e. economic growth without an increase of demand for
              primary energy,
               consistent decrease of the energy intensity of the Polish economy to the “old” EU levels.

            SKAMER-ACM comprehensively performs tasks in the field of energy efficiency:
               energy and technological audits,
               energy efficiency audits – white certificates,
               assistance in finding sources of funding for energy-efficient solutions,
               integrated systems for measuring and monitoring of energy carrier consumption,
               design and implementation of projects improving energy efficiency in power and heat networks, lighting systems,
              industrial equipment and installations, local sources of electricity and heat – both at the design and execution stage,
               energy recovery in industrial processes, taking into account alternative energy sources,
               optimisation of: reactive power flows, reduction of network losses and losses in transformers, incorporation
              of alternative energy sources in the design.

            Today, it is no longer sufficient to measure the parameters of energy utilities, but to actively manage them on a conti-
            nuous basis using modern methods with optimal use of technical and organisational means.

            To carry out tasks improving energy efficiency it is worth implementing an energy monitoring system.
            During the 30 years of work with industrial automation, SKAMER-ACM’s engineers have analysed virtually all visuali-
            sation systems available on the market. Drawing on our experience, we selected an optimal solution that combines
            comprehensive functionality, professional developer support and attractive price, which is often of key importance
            when designing large systems. All those features are offered by the SCADA Asix system, which in addition to the
            runtime version is also available in a development version in the basic package. A dedicated solution for energy
            monitoring is Asix Energy. This software helps implement, maintain and improve the Energy Management System. It
            supports the achievement of the goals and tasks of energy efficiency policies, and enables the actual effects of these
            policies to be measured.

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