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Cloud chamber
            Early fire detection is ensured by a cloud chamber, which continuously samples air with a built-in aspirating system
            and measures the number of particles per cubic centimetre. With relative humidity of about 100%, the sample is sent
            to a cloud chamber where, due to cooling, water droplets – as a result of the rapid increase in vacuum – condense
            on all airborne combustion particles. The thermally generated particles cause a cloud to be formed from the many
            droplets, which is then detected by the cloud chamber measurement system. This is the most effective method of fire
            detection – it sets off the alarm very quickly giving more time to react.
            Optical chamber
            Conversely, the optical detection chamber detects visible products of combustion, namely smoke. An optical detec-
            tion measurement is expressed in percentage obscuration per metre (% obs/m). The two detection methods used
            in a single device are entirely independent of each other and thanks to the use of complex algorithms they work in
            tandem to detect fire quickly and efficiently. As a result of this synergy, the Cirrus HYBRID detector is able to verify
            the actual threat and, more importantly, is immune to unwanted or false alarms, for example caused by dust, water
            vapour or heavy dust.

            Comprehensive solutions
            The offer is complemented by conventional detectors: Cirrus Pro 200 and ProPoint PLUS, which are addressable once
            connected to the Protec repeater panel. The type of detector is always selected after an analysis of the environmental
            conditions in which it will operate. Installation, setup and activation of aspirating detectors is simple and intuitive.
            The sensitivity level can be changed to Class A, B or C. In addition, the aspirating fan speed, thus the airflow, can be
            modified, which makes it possible to install a detector with short or long sampling tubes. To create a complete aspira-
            ting system, sampling tubes and accessories are required to build extensive detection pipelines. D+H offers connec-
            tors, capillaries, tees and mounting brackets. The offer is supplemented by filters and humidity traps to prevent false
            alarms caused by e.g. water vapour or dust.

            On a daily basis, Protec aspirating systems can work together with other building fire protection systems, such as a
            smoke exhaust system, to create complete fire safety solutions.

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