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                    In recent years, we have seen very rapid growth in the number of robots in industry. On the one hand,
            this is due to improved energy efficiency and increased productivity, and on the other hand, the trend is cau-
            sed by changes in the labour market where employees are increasingly hard to find. Robotics is an indispensa-
            ble part of control systems and for this reason SKAMER has also included robots in its offer. We are a long-term
            trading partner of ABB and also its robotics integrator.

            With more than 400,000 robots installed worldwide, technologically advanced solutions from ABB help manufactu-
            rers improve productivity, product quality and safety of workers.

            ABB is the only industrial robot manufacturer with as many as three production facilities. ABB is a leading supplier of
            industrial robots. It also offers robot software, modular manufacturing cells, systems, and maintenance services for
            tasks such as welding, moving/handling, assembly, cutting, painting and
            machining, pick and place, packaging, palletising, and machine opera-

            The key markets where industrial robots are used are automotive, pla-
            stics, metal production, casting, electronics, machinery, pharmaceutical,
            and food industry. More than 300,000 ABB’s robots are operated in ma-
            nufacturing plants around the world, contributing to higher productivity
            and improved process quality. Robots are part of an integrated ecosys-
            tem: Internet of Things, Services and People.

            ABB has partnered with Covariant to bring robotic solutions using artifi-
            cial intelligence to market. Their first joint project is a fully autonomous
            installation for handling the order execution process.

            The two companies have a similar vision for AI-driven robotics that is ba-
            sed on robots that learn with each task completed, working side-by-side
            with humans.

            Given the fast pace of growth of the global e-commerce sector, there is
            huge potential in robotic solutions using artificial intelligence. These so-
            lutions could find wide application in logistics, warehousing services or
            sorting of packages and postal items, among other things.
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